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After years of shopping, thrifting and vintage hunting for her personal collection, Amanda is now sharing her treasures, electrifying looks and rock n roll attitude with the world!

Amanda's experience in fashion as a stylist for (her longtime fashion idol) Betsey Johnson, alongside her fine arts background (Boston's School of the Museum of Fine Arts (BFA) and several successful exhibitions) color her unique style perspetive. Clients embrace Amanda's taste for offbeat, pop-art infused looks, unique prints, textured fabrics and sexy silhouettes - a style combination culled from high street style and distinctive icons such as Courtney Love and Tim Burton, all with a dash of Elizabeth Taylor's classic elegance.

With her knowledge and experience in the New York fashion and art worlds, her keen business sense and a passion for art, beauty, and all things fashion - this unique and colorful brand has come to life.

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